Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sunny Leone in Big Boss 5 - Is it a right move by Sony

Is it right move by Sony TV to rope in Sunny Leone into Big Boss
Sunny Leone the Indian born US Porn star has created much hype to the Big Boss the reality TV show on Sony. Big Boss was struggling for TRP in this season and this move of Sony to send Sunny Leone inside the Big Boss House may have given some boost to the TRPs of the show but the question is whether it is a right move or not. Are these channels so desperate for the TRPs that now need a porn star in their show? Though till date Sunny Leone has conducted herself very well in the house and has been so decent.  Sunny Leone is into this profession and a mature lady and in USA in whatever profession you are in others will respect that. In a country like India people watch TV together with the family, parents and children. Such hype had been created in the media before Sunny Leone entered the Big Biss House that children became inquisitive about her.  People may say hundreds of things that we Indians are become broadminded and we can talk anything and everything with our children or parents but still 90% families and people would agree that if their son or daughter will ask them what is a porn star, most of them will either ignore the question or would give false information. This is happening now after the arrival of Sunny Leone in Big Boss.
Teenagers while searching for Sunny Leone in the internet end up at her website which has Porn Video Clips. There have been reports that some children have become addict watching porn now and the parents are helpless.
In fact in the last season Dolly Bindra got lot of publicity because of her bitchy nature and fights in the Big Boss’s House. She was the only one who created so much of chaos that led to the high TRPs of Big Boss. However in this season of Big Boss everyone has adopted the strategy of Dolly Bindra and everybody is only shouting, shouting and abusing each other on the show. The TRPs were all time low because of the chaos inside the house. Big Boss tried to improve the TRPs by sending Swami Agnivesh but that didn’t work. No one came to know when Swami Ji entered and came out of the house.
Finally when the news of Sunny Leone came that she is entering the Big Boss House still no one in India was aware who she was. The channel made sure that before she has entered the house the media has all the news about her and the hype was created. As a result a momentary gain was there in the TRPs but for how long.
Was it so necessary for the Sony Channel that they made porn star a participant of Big Boss? May be the other channels follow the suite soon and imagine what would be the situation since television since it is a source of family entertainment
Profile and Biography of Sunny Leone (Karen Malhotra) contestant of Big Boss
Born – 13/5/1981
Educational Qualification of Sunny Leone
Parents of Sunny Leone are Indians. Her father lived in Delhi and mother was from Himachal Pradesh. Her mother is no more. She died of cancer in 2008. Sunny Leone wish to work for the cancer patients in future.
Sunny Leone was introduced to the porn industry by her friend when she was studying Nursing in pediatrics. Sunny Leone has not only acted in the Porn Movies but has also directed over 5 movies. She has acted in over 20 Adult Movies.
It has also been reported by some sources that Sunny Leone has been offered a movie by Indian Film maker Mahesh Bhatt. He will cast her in the movie Jism part 2.

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