Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Class VI GK Science Questions 2014-2015

Science for Class VI
Are you preparing for Entrance Examination for Government Jobs? Are you a student and looking for some Science Questions and Answers? Are you looking for the answers for the science subject for Class VI?

Lesson I – Food: Where does it come from?
Question: Why do we need food? Where do we get our food from?
Answer: We need food to stay alive. It provides energy to our body and protects us from diseases. We get food from plants and animals.
Question: Why the plants are known as producers?
Answer: Plants are known as producers because they produce their own food with the help of sunlight, water CO2 and Chlorophyll.
Question: Why Animals are known as consumers?
Answer: Animals are known as consumers because they consume the food prepared by plants or other animals like herbivores.
Question: Do you find that all living beings need same kind of food?
Answer: No, We do not find that all living beings need same kind of food because there are different kinds of living beings and their food habits are also different according to their teeth, digestive system for example herbivores eat plants only and carnivores eat animals.
Question: Name the five plants that we eat?
Answer: Carrot plants – Root, Onion plants – Stem, Spinach – Leaves, Cauliflower Plants – Flower, Wheat plants – Seeds.

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